Classes and Workshops

4-H Sewing Club – Leader Elise James

Elise James is teaching sewing classes for participants ages 12-18. The material and machines are provided. The point of the class is to have an uplifting and educational experience while learning the fundamentals of sewing. Participants will be able to make something of their choice to take home at the end to the  course.

Kiln Fired Glass Workshop – Instructors Doyle and Peggy Raines

Doyle and Peggy Raines will be hosting classes through the Moapa Valley UNCE. His classes include Unleashing Creativity, a class where teens aged 14-18 can learn glass melding techniques as well as how to further their own creative processes. The class will take place Monday, July 25 and Tuesday, July 26 from 8:00 to 12:00

He also teaches a Mapheads/GPS class where students learn about orienteering and geocaches around the valley. The date and time for this class is yet to be determined. However, his classes have a limited class size in order to keep a more individual based and face to face teaching pattern, so attendance is based on reservation. His classes only hold six students at a time, first come first serve. Sign ups for the classes are at the Cooperative Extension through phone, E-mail, or visit.


Kids Food Preservation Club – Leader Cally Wade

Cally Wade is starting up a cooking and preservative class called “Cally’s Kids Preserves”.

The class focuses on teaching children ages 9-18 about cooking and canning skills. Kids were able to make jams, pickles, and dehydrated foods. They learned different cooking techniques such as how to safely hold a knife, measure out ingredients correctly, and how to use a pressure cooker. The class was a five week seminar that started on June 6 and finished July 26 in both Moapa and Logandale locations. If you missed the class, not to fear! Cally Wade is starting up a 4-H club called “Rowdy Ranchers” where kids will be able to learn more skills more in depth.

Gardening ClassInstructor Master Gardener/Horticulturist Andrea Meckley

Meckley is a certified horticulturalist and she will be giving of her time and talents to host a seminar at the Extension Office building B about how to improve your garden in the best way possible for any plant that you want to plant. The class focuses on choosing the correct plant for your area, choosing where to plant a shrub, tree, or flower, and how to save water and prevent heat damage. To class will be held on June 4, 2016 from 10:00 to 12:00 and is welcome to anyone who is interested! For more information contact Diana Walker

4-H Shooting Sports – Shorty’s Sharp Shooters

This archery and shooting sports club is run by Lukas “Shorty” Tom and partner Rhonda Goddard. Both instructors are certified and are holding classes at the Logandale Trails cement slab as well as the Extension Office itself. There are two seperate clubs for young shooters: archery, or a rifle club. The archery deals with teaching participants how to shoot a bow and how to improve shooting technique. The rifle class includes many other types of firearms including shotguns and airsoft varieties. The classes differ in prices. The class has limited spots, so sign up at the Extension office! For more information contact Lacie Sproul   702-397-2604

Master Preserver Classes – Instructor Carolyn Washburn USU Cooperative Extension  

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Are you or someone you know in Moapa Valley/Mesquite interested in becoming a Certified Master Preserver? If so, Carolyn Washburn, a Master Preserver instructor from Utah State University is offering a two-day Master Preserver Certification class at Cooperative Extension in Northeast Clark County. Her $150 fee includes instruction, supplies AND certification for those willing to donate 20 hours teaching in their community. (For non-volunteers the fee is $200)

This class will cover all methods of food preservation from water bath canning/pressure canning to dehydration/freezing. (The class will also include preserving fruits, veggies, jams/jellies, pie fillings, pickling/relishes and more!)

Here is a link with more class information.

Please let us know if you would like to sign up or have any questions at 702-397-2604 ex.0 or


Eileen Russell Classes

Eileen Russell teaching the Desert Foraging Class
Eileen Russell teaching the Desert Foraging Class

If you are interested in information on Eileen Russell’s Summer Survivor Series Classes, here are the links to her videos, pictures and handouts. (I will be updating this information as blog posts become available) For more information, here is a link to her publications offered on Amazon:

Survival Kits

Desert Foraging

Alternative Fuel and Cooking

Water Storage/Purification

Solar Cooking