Master Preserver Certification Class

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Are you or someone you know in Moapa Valley/Mesquite interested in becoming a Certified Master Preserver? If so, Carolyn Washburn, a Master Preserver instructor from Utah State University is offering a two-day Master Preserver Certification class at Cooperative Extension in Northeast Clark County. Her $150 fee includes instruction, supplies AND certification for those willing to donate 20 hours teaching in their community. (For non-volunteers the fee is $200)

This class will cover all methods of food preservation from water bath canning/pressure canning to dehydration/freezing. (The class will also include preserving fruits, veggies, jams/jellies, pie fillings, pickling/relishes and more!)

Here is a link with more class information:

Please let us know if you would like to sign up or have any questions at 702-397-2604 ex.0 or

Food Preservation

Post by: Dianna Walker Admin. Assistant II

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