Are you feeling stressed? Plant a garden!

Photo Courtesy of the Junior Master Gardeners in Las Vegas

Are you feeling stressed? Plant a garden!

There is nothing quite like spending time in your yard/garden and getting your hands dirty. Here at the Cooperative Extension, we like to call it garden therapy and research confirms that healthful benefits accrue when people connect with plants by viewing, planting, growing, and/or caring for them. Check out this link to the Horticultural Therapy Association:

In Northeast Clark County we have an extended growing season that begins…NOW. 🙂 So, if you are thinking of planting a garden, now is the time. If you have questions about when to plant, what to plant or even how to plant we have an excellent resource for you. It’s a publication done by Dr. Sylvan Wittwer, commonly known as the “Wittwer Bible”. This publication includes a planting guide on page 13 and local vegetable growing recommendations on pages 15-47. The good news is that the ENTIRE Wittwer publication is made available by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension FREE of charge.

Here is a link to view/download the Wittwer Bible:

Click to access sp0901.pdf

Now brush off your gardening gloves,  get out there and enjoy your own garden therapy. 🙂

If you have additional questions or need further information please feel free to call us at the Northeast Clark County Cooperative Extension Office at 1897 N. Moapa Valley Blvd., 702-397-2604 or email us at

Post by: Dianna Walker Admin. Assistant II


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